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To provide on-line consumers with a destination shopping service / online catalog of travel related, and giftware products as well as by providing travel tips and shopping guides.

Thanks for your interest in Knightshead Ltd. and the Knightshead Shoppe.

In business since 2005, we are dedicated to offering quality items and customer service. Our goal is treat you as we wish to be treated. As customers we expect great customer service and attempt to offer the same. Therefore, we attempt to provide you with quality products and timely shipping.

With over twenty-five years of retail experience, we attempt to combine great values with great customer service. Our goal is to make shopping from home or from your office as convenient and as risk-free as possible.

We are growing both the categories of products and the selection of products within those categories. Your suggestions and feedback on our operation or product is greatly appreciated.

Please drop us a line. 

You can contact us at: CustServ@knightshead.com

Voice: (614) 891-1242


 Knightshead Ltd.

 P.O.BOX #1594

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Throughout the website are brand-name affiliate links. These allow you to access  companies and websites that may offer a specialized selection and benefits of direct purchases. Each affiliate has its own customer service and shipping policies.


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